Sustainable mycelium foam solutions disrupting conventional styrofoam packaging

Fungarium is more than just packaging

Mycelium Production

We concentrate in producing mycelium-based solutions. Firstly, we contribute to solve the excessive styrofoam problem in our supply chain. 

AI-Based Supply

Our approach with AI is based in research based in semiconductor design technology. Our approach is based on adapting our compositions to local-sustainable substrates.  

Gold-Standard Based Circular Model

We envision a real circular model based on the highest standards of sustainability, paving the road towards generating certified carbon-credits

Our compostable carbon neutral product provides the customer with a customizable drop-in carefree experience

Current sustainable packaging is unable to scale with packaging demand leading to resource drainage

Dr. Ruben A. Casillas Pacheco

Serving as manager, he intends to bring experience from semiconductor material research and from quantum chemistry to optimise the development of mycelium production and applicability. 

Luis Veloso

Provides a strong focus on sustainability and mycology. He is the main researcher and source of positiveness. When he is not having coffee and talking, he’s in inoculating novel combinations of substrates.

Funding Spores


We are a locally rooted team with a sustainable mindset. We are thrilled to begin this adventure and look to grow our team with you.

Valentina Migues-Pacheco

Material researcher with a strong experience in product design and marketing. A competent marketing advisor with a strong focus on biomaterials and ceramics. She brings a technology-oriented strategy to the group and supports development.

Dr. Jonas Hahn

Experienced researcher from the fields of biology and immunology. He is a strong out-of-the-box thinker. He provides Fungarium with a local perspective and envisions novel modifications for mycelium genetics.


Advisory board

Prof. Dr. Helen Rogers 

(Technische Hochschule Nürnberg)

Dr. Ryan Crisp

(University Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Nithish Kalakonda

(thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe)



Hauptstraße 65-67

91054 Erlangen